Viking Multicolored Borre 1 Transparent Poly Scarf (2 Sizes-2 fabrics)

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Dress up any outfit and wear exclusively designed Borre style Viking art where you go with a fluid and beautifully draped scarf. The Borre style was popular during the Viking age between 850 and 950 A.D

Viking Multicolored Borre Scarf

Color: Multicolored, with 2 colored background, dark red and dark blue.

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You may choose between two fabrics:

  • Poly Chiffon
  • Poly Voile
  • (Both are 100% Polyester.)

Two sizes to choose from:

  • 50 x 50 " (127 x 127 cm)
  • 25 x 25 " (63 x 63 cm)

Please select your choice of both size and fabric (marked "color") in the drop-down menu.

Product information:

Made from high quality poly voile or poly chiffon, this transparent scarf is extremely light and airy. Outstanding quality print turns it into a head turning style accessory. Made from specially spinned polyester threads making this scarf extremely light and airy. (Manufacturer's description.)

Care instructions: See the FAQ section on this website.

Limited edition. Only available in the Look: Viking! online shop - not available in shops. In the Look: Viking! online shop, you are buying directly from the designer! You can even ask for custom projects according to your special color requirements. 

Made in the United States, in only one piece each time (print and manufacture-on-demand). This product is made after the order, and then is shipped to the buyer. Please consider that this requires time. This product cannot be delivered overnight.

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Other sizes are available (16, 26, 36 and 50 inches), in three different fabrics each, in the online shop.

Inspiration for this design:

The inspiration behind the pattern on this scarf comes from an barrel shaped 9-10th century woman's brooch, found in Östergötland County, Sweden. Below is an image of the decoration that the designer of Look: Viking! used to create this scarf: