About Look: Viking!

Look: Viking! is a brand of clothing, accessories and home decoration items that will draw its artistic or stylistic inspiration to the artistic creations of the Nordic Vikings, whose period was approximately for three hundred years, or from 793 to around 1070 A.D.

Look: Viking! is owned by TopFauna LLC, a Delaware, USA, registered company.

TopFauna LLC is owned by the founder, who is also the designer of the products offered in this online shop. If you buy items from Look: Viking!, you are buying directly from the designer, Sven Sigurdsson.

The founder of the ‘Look: Viking!‘ brand is interested in elevating the position of the art of the Vikings, and give it more attention than it has had up until now.

It is the interest of Look: Viking! to, in part, create pieces that are influenced or are true to a particular Viking age style. However, Look: Viking! is not about re-creating things that look as if they were made in the Viking age, using Viking age craft techniques. These are the kind of very nice pieces, made with great care and love, that you see in various Viking festivals, that are meant to re-enact the Viking age.

Look: Viking! will be about modern products for modern lifestyles, and fully incorporating modern techniques and resources, such as digital imaging, the Internet including live video, and manufacture-on-demand to facilitate fast and flexible design production, and delivery. Also as the situation makes it relevant, to facilitate custom projects, with a close-knit, real-time relationship between the designer and the customer/audience.  This is for instance seen in the Live Stream Design method that was innovated and defined by the founder of Look: Viking! This brand new approach, which has not been seen before it seems, is further explained on the dedicated website www.livestreamdesign.com.

To contact Look: Viking!, you can send an email to info@lookviking.com.

Other contact information are on the Contact Us page.