The Designer

Sven Sigurdsson

The designer and founder of Look: Viking!, Sven Sigurdsson, has been fascinated by the artistic heritage of his ancestors, the Norse Vikings, for a long time. He believes that more could be done with these particular forms and feelings that are found in the art of the Vikings.

More than two decades ago, his chosen field of research for an essay he wrote in art history class was the jewellery of the Vikings. A couple of years after that, he worked on preparations to design and launch a brand of Viking inspired, hand printed and painted silk scarves of a high quality. He put up a test manufacturing facility and made some test prints that looked good. Those plans did not materialise at the time.

Recent developments in digital technologies, on-demand manufacturing and the Internet opened his eyes, that this idea of developing a brand of products for a modern lifestyle, influenced by this artistic heritage of the Nordic countries, could be viable today.

He set to work, took out the envelope with thousand year old Viking art he had photocopied years earlier as a student in the art school, took out the first designs he had created at the same time, and created new design templates in various Viking styles, made color versions, built an online shop website, and all the other things needed to get a business like this off the ground. And now Look: Viking! is open...!

Sven Sigurdsson has a background in art and design, creative writing and videography, and also holds a university degree in business administration. He is also a direct descendant of Ragnar Lothbrok, Queen Aslaug and their son, Bjorn "Ironside" Ragnarsson, and he will post his lineage of 35 generations back to these well known characters in History Channel's TV blockbuster series "The Vikings" at a better date.

You can contact Sven via the email Look: Viking! is also on Facebook.