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The Look:Viking! shop is temporarily closed. The reason is changes in VAT rules in the EU and sales tax rules in various states in the US. Until real-time tax collecting and remitting is set up, which requires a special solution, the store is closed.

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First Live Stream Design of Look: Viking! from December 30, 2018, the Broa 1 Scarf Pattern

On December 30 of 2017, the first Live Stream Design session of Look: Viking! took place in a Facebook Live video broadcast. The First Live Stream Design Broa 1 Poly Scarf is available in silk-like fabrics and transparent fabrics.

In both posts you can view the 1 minute video excerpt and the 7 minute video excerpt edits of the full 1 hr 15 minutes live session (see at the bottom of each page).

In a Live Stream Design session, the designer and founder of Look: Viking! creates a new design colour version, and streams the design process itself in a live streaming video. The creative process is the show. The new design is available immediately after the show. Live Stream Design is a new total process configuration, or business model for design oriented product industries, not seen before. The Live Stream Design method was invented by the founder of Look: Viking!

View the silk-like fabric or transparent fabric product listings.

Custom "one of a kind" design

The Look: Viking! products are unique in the sense, that they are made only one piece at a time. These are not products that are mass produced in thousands of copies, and then sold. 

Do you have special wishes?

If you have a very discerning taste and special wishes for accurate and creative color combinations in a product offered here, then creating a custom color combination can often be done easily, fast and economically, for a special custom design fee. Please contact Look: Viking! by sending an email to or messaging us via Facebook, to discuss your special project.

Look: Viking! Exclusive Designs

The aim of the new brand Look: Viking! is to design and offer fashion items, accessories and nice things styled in the art styles of the Vikings. These carefully designed things are made-to-order for each customer in the United States and Canada. They are not available in shops or on unrelated websites.

The founder and head designer of Look: Viking!, Sven Sigurdsson, has been interested in the artistic heritage of the Norse Vikings for more than 20 years. They are his ancestors, as he can produce a document of ancestry leading back 35 generations to Ragnar Lothbrok and Bjorn Ironside.

"Be heartly welcome to explore the fascinating aesthetic world of the Vikings, with their seven distinct artistic styles, starting with the Broa style and ending with the Urnes style. My goal is to create modern products using the newest methods and information technology available, inspired by the strong artistic traditions of the North. Feel free to take a look at the designs. Many ideas are waiting to be added to the collections already available. If you are specially interested in the artistic heritage of the Vikings, take a look at what is under the Styles link in the menu."

- Sven Sigurdarson

All items are made to order

Currently, Look: Viking! does not carry inventory of the products. All the items are manufactured/printed on demand, after the item has been ordered. Please take into account that the production time is usually between 5-8 days, and then the time of shipping is added to that. On each product page, the average production time and shipping time to the US, Canada or internationally are stated for that product.